Friday, 21 April 2017


Welcome to the home of James Roach's latest wargames project: Ager Sanguinis, Wargames Rules for Crusader Warfare.

This site is intended to keep people up to date on all the pre-publication news and gossip. After publication the site will become a place for updates and for additional resources associated with the rules such as army lists and campaign rules.

Perhaps best known for his painting skills and superbly illustrated blog James is also a keen developer of wargames rules. As regular readers of his blog will know he puts a lot of effort into testing, fine tuning and adapting rules to produce playable games that reflect his reading of history. Ager Sanguinis is the result of one such exercise.

The rules are card driven and designed to capture the essence of warfare during the Crusades. The first edition was published in 2009 in Miniature Wargames along with sets of army lists.

The issues proved really popular and the print runs sold out. After publication James continued to fine tune the rules and a second edition was freely available on request from James.

In 2017, after eight years of development, James decided to re-write the rules and make the third edition a commercial release along the lines of his successful campaign rules for the Italian Wars: Pike & Plunder.

We hope to release the rules towards the end of June 2017 as a pdf release through Wargame Vault. In the meantime we will be posting sample pages, cover designs and other snippets as the project nears completion.

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