Monday, 7 August 2017

Progress Report

It is most important to state right at the beginning that this project is not dead: despite an apparent lack of progress.  In case you were wondering what's going on here's a quick update:
  • After agreeing to set up the project, James decided he wanted to change his "final draft" once more before handing it over for checking and editing. 
  • The final draft was delivered in June.  It has been edited and checked.
  • We are working on quite a few text issues that need clarification or confirmation.
  • There are also one or two more serious, logical points for further consideration.
  • All the above needs to be resolved before work on the design & layout can start.
At this stage it is James' input that is crucial.  He  is keen to get these rules published but since April he's been hampered by either work or family commitments and as a result progress has been slower than we would have wished.  

On a positive note we do have a full first edit and we know what needs to be done.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Cover Design

Here's the first draft of the cover design:

The design has yet to be finalised, and the photo may change, but the basic elements are all there.  You can download a full size A4 pdf from the samples page.

Field of Blood

If you were wondering where the name Ager Sanguinis came from the rules are named after a battle in 1119.  On June 28, Roger of Salerno's Crusader army of the Principality of Antioch was annihilated by the army of Ilghazi of Mardin, the Artuqid ruler of Aleppo.

The battle took place between the end of the first and the beginning of the second. Wikipedia lists three different names for the battle: the Battle of Ager Sanguinis, also known as the Battle of the Field of Blood, the Battle of Sarmada, or the Battle of Balat.

More information.